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Funny how many links to this blog are coming from people searching these titles.  Actually, they are people searching for Chernobyl and Three Mile Island[!?!].  That is happening because I posted a blog earlier that has these words as keywords.  I wonder if people are searching these names because they don’t know what they are or if they are looking for a comparison…

I heard on the radio the other day that “Japan apologized for not making the Fukushima incident a disaster sooner,” (not an exact quote but…) and I thought to myself, “I think they did a pretty good job of that already!”  They were actually talking about the status that they had assigned to the incident itself.  Seeing how that is [to me] the least important part of the whole thing, that was my reaction.  I mean, did they build the thing directly over a fault line?  There should be a level of responsibility that goes along with building power plants of any kind. 

And [yeah I started a sentence with and] I am surely not blaming the Japanese people or their country in any way [necessarily], just the engineers.  They simply get paid to do their work and it is supposed to be up to the bureaucrats to stop the horrible from happening.  But how are they supposed to do so when they probably know so little about the subject.  The people who can stop the worst from happening are… the engineers.  They are always under pressure to save money, time, and face!   [I know this from personal experience]  This is a very horrible and tricky and stressful existence.  Bureaucrats, construction workers, and everyday people complain about the costs of things being built and the people designing them, and because of this incessant whining,  accidents like the Fukushima plant happen [more than you would think/know btw]. 

So if anyone is to blame… well

Go live in a hut that you make yourself, or own up and pay someone to make you a better place to live.  And don’t go and complain about it unless you paid yourself to do it!  [This place I speak of is the world around you,   and all of the things in it!  Next time you think to your self, “why don’t they make it like this…, ” you should be thinking “I should make it like this!”  That way everyone is thinking and not expecting someone else to do it.

I complain about a lot of things though so,  take that with a grain of salt, or sugar, or basil, or steak sauce, or… lol

Just my $0.02…


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