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Now I REALLY KNOW that the internet is a collection of every thing from the very normal to the absolutely flippin’ crazy!!!

I have found… the craziest person on the internet.  At least I think so?!?  I do not think this site has any bad viruses or cookies or pop ups, nothing happened to my PC when I visited this site.  Well actually something did happen!  My browser loaded what I will consider [at least for a while] the most insane, conspiracy theory laden, absolutely craziest web page I have ever read!  I mean, some of this stuff is just… for lack of a better term, out of this world [lol… just wait to you see the site, you too will probably lol].

The person who this website is named after is Sherry Shriner.  I for one have never heard of this person before today.  So here is the link!  I do not endorse any information found on this website, at all.  I just wanted other people to see what crazy thing I had stumbled upon.  She even sells alien repellant!!!  Enjoy!

In Honor of this website, I have posted a picture of an alien baby that I took [… and shopped hehe]. 

Best thing since bat boy!

Here are some other links of interest…

Encylopedia Dramatica entry on Sherry Shriner…

An Anti-Shriner crazy…

 Have a great night!


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